Our Mission is to provide the highest quality clinical care that will promote the child’s emotional, relational and academic potential.

Assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and families

About 1 in 7 Australian children suffer from a mental disorder. We specialize in the assessment and treatment of mental disorders in children. We will undertake a thorough assessment of your child including all factors that may contribute to how they are feeling. We will formulate a treatment plan with your input that will be best for your child.

We are also experienced therapists and can provide both medications and psychological therapy to your family. Where specialist therapies are required, we will recommend appropriate professionals.

Specialist assessments for ADHD and Autism

ADHD is the most common mental health disorder in children and adolescents and affects over 7% of all Australian children. Approximately 300,000 Australian children and adolescents are thought to suffer from ADHD. It is also a disorder that is accompanied by a number of other learning and developmental disorders and requires a thorough in-depth assessment to make an accurate diagnosis. We provide specialist assessment and treatment of ADHD for all children and adolescents up to 16 years of age.

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are complex neurodevelopmental conditions that cause much impairment in day-to-day functioning. We provide comprehensive, evidence-based assessments for ASD for all children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. We also provide specific therapeutic advice on management of challenging behaviors in ASD. We may also provide ASD assessments for adults, in some instances but are unable to provide ongoing input in this age group.

Specialist management of mood disorders, anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders affect about 7% of all Australian children and adolescents. It is estimated that over a quarter of a million children suffer from anxiety disorders in Australia. Depressive disorders affect nearly 3% of Australian children and adolescents. These disorders have a significant impact on functioning and result in much suffering.

They impact not only the child but also nearly always the family and social system surrounding the child. We provide specialist assessment and treatment including specialist medications and therapies for these disorders.

Consultation for educational difficulties comorbid with mental health difficulties

Schools play a major role in the identification of and supporting children with mental disorders. All mental disorders impact school functioning and teachers and school staff routinely provide support to children and adolescents with mental disorders. We provide a comprehensive assessment of children and adolescents whose mental disorder impacts on school functioning and provide reports, where required.

GP Assessment and management plans

We provide specialist assessment and comprehensive management plans for GP referrals. We also provide specific advice on medication management for children and adolescents who are being managed by GPs.

Individual and family therapy

We provide evidence-based psychological therapies to children, adolescents and their families based on the agreed treatment plan. Where specialist therapies are required, we will recommend appropriate professionals.

Disclaimer: We do not provide emergency psychiatric services at our clinic. In case of an emergency, please take your child to the nearest Emergency Department or call 000. MHERL is available on 1300555788 and the CAMHS Urgent response line is available on 1800048636.